The guide to choose your perfect men swimwear

Summer is coming and it is still so difficult for you to choose the perfect men swimwear that will enhance you this summer? Don’t panic ! Here are some tips that will help you decide. Swimsuit is one of the clothes you will probably wear the most during your summer vacation. Essential for swimming, it is quite common to keep it on for several hours, even after swimming. And even if you don’t have the chance to go to the seaside, the pool is never far away. That’s why your swimsuit must absolutely be comfortable to be supported all day, but also be stylish and original for a trendy look.

Whether for swimming, or for sunbathing at the seaside, you are sure to find the perfect model of men swimwear on!

Which cut to choose for his men swimsuit: brief, boxer, short, thong, body?

There are numerous kinds of swimwear for men : from swim brief, swim shorts to  swim boxers, you have the choice. Be careful, there are not all adapted to the same situation and for the same needs. Some of them are destined to the beach, while other are more adapted to the swimming pool. The most important thing is to determine the criteria you want to favor: comfort, style, resistance?

Privilege the men’s swim briefs to highlight your assets

To be seductive on the beaches, the swim brief will be your best ally. Neglected these last years in favor of swim shorts, the men’s swim brief comes back with multiple design, colors and patterns. More tight and less covering, it is appreciated by the men who take care of them, and who are at ease with themselves. With a low waist and fitted cut, it is ultra sexy and perfect for a more complete tan. With this type of swimsuit you assume your choices, your body and you highlight your musculature. It is a sexy asset to emphasize his masculinity and highlight his silhouette. It is also the choice of athletes, since it is perfectly suited to swimming, and is often the only type of swimwear allowed in public pools because much more hygienic. The tip with this type of cut is especially to choose it at your size to emphasize your shape and be comfortable.


Sexy low-rise swim brief made from ultra soft and comfortable microfiber. Bikini cut with cheeky back. Baroque floral print. Made in California.



Play your manhood with men’s swim boxers and swim shorties

If your are not a swim brief fan, you can always fall back on a swim boxer or a swim shorty. The cut of a shorty is similaire as the boxer cut. The difference between these two models is their length: a swim boxer is longer than a swim shorty. Both are a bit more covering than a swim brief and are a good sexy compromise between swim briefs and swim shorts. Very adjusted, they emphasize your musculature and adjust perfectly your body. Swim boxers highlight the thighs and buttocks, for a perfect figure. They are practical allies that offer support and comfort for your private parts.




Low-rise swim trunk made from soft, comfortable and quick-drying stretch microfiber. Wide Emporio Armani logo tape on the left side. Fully lined. Elastic waistband with inner drawstring.

Swim shorts: the swimsuit which goes everywhere

Swim shorts are undoubtedly the men’s favorite swimwear and the star on the beaches. And if it is so successful, it’s because it’s the most universal model. It is suitable for all body types with its loose cut, descending more or less down on the thighs. It’s the perfect compromise between the swim boxer and the broadshort, also called long shorts. Swim shorts are suitable for many types of leisure and can even be worn as city shorts. It is therefore ideal for beach days, where you rarely change your clothes. The men’s swim shorts usually have a drawstring into the waistband and are usually fitted with an inner mesh brief to ensure both support and comfort. With a swim short, you will be comfortable all day.


Swim short made from quick-drying fabric. Bikkembergs logo tape along the left leg. Inner mesh brief. Fly with Velcro-fastening and snap. Back pocket with eyelets. Elastic waistband with inner drawstring.



Men’s swim thong: ideal for an optimal tan

Be aware that it also exists men’s swim thongs. No famous, especially in France, men’s swim thongs are mainly dedicated to more intimate and private moments than for the beach and the municipal swimming pool. However, men give more and more attention to their image and to their physique. It is understandable that when they look their body on the mirror after 2 sunny weeks, they want to see an uniform and natural tanned body. The swim thong allows this because the area that covers the buttocks in the classic swim brief, disappears in favor of a thin string of fabric. It is a swimsuit which bring you comfort because it doesn’t hinder movements and gives an impression of lightness and simplicity.



Low-rise swim thong made from ultra soft and comfortable microfiber in shiny gold color. Very fitted cut. Branded metallic snap on the left hip. Front lining. Thin contrast elastic waistband. Made in California.


Dare a sporty and athletic style with the men’s swimwear

Men’s beach bodies are closer to women’s one-piece swimsuits. It is not very used and worn for the moment, remaining very associated to the sport. It is still a swimsuit that allows to swim comfortably at the pool and the sea, and carve his silhouette. The beach body indeed ideal to hide its small defects while revealing its assets! We forget little belly and handles of love and we value his body. It can lengthen the silhouette if it is notched or give an impression of volume.


Swim body made from lightweight, comfortable and fast-drying microfiber. Simple and fitted cut. U-neck and racer back. Contrast side piping. Unlined. Olaf Benz silicone logo.


Adopt a surfeur look on the beach with the long swim short

Ideal if you’re going to surf in Australia, the broadshort, or long swim short, goes down to the knees. Inspired by surfing or skateboarding, the broadshort is the favorite outfit for young sportswear enthusiasts and a real must-have on the beach. It is however formally prohibited in swimming pools. The patterns of boardshorts are very varied: black and white, multicolored or flashy … Unlike a short swim shorts, it does not always have inner slip, or lining which can hinder the comfort of some of you. Do not hesitate to plan a brief or a boxer below if you don’t like direct contact with the skin. Boardshort goes particularly well for tall and thin men. If you are small, prefer a swim brief to look thinner.



Swim short made from lightweight and quick-drying polyester. Hawaian flower print. Classic rainbow stripes on the back. Inner mesh brief. 2 front pockets. Back pocket with Velcro closure and Sundek logo. Fake fly. Elastic waistband with drawstring.


Patterns, prints and colors : which style choose for a trendy look?

In order to find the men swimwear that will best meet our needs and desires, it is first necessary to choose between a classic rendering with the plain swimsuits and a more original rendering with patterned models.

Choose summer colors for your men swimwear

Summer is an opportunity to wear color. It’s time to dare and leave the sad and gloomy colors of our daily lives. Don’t hesitate to appropriate all kinds of colors that will make you really feel on vacation. The choice is vast: red, green or blue, you see. You can opt for a classic plain swim shorts for a simple and effective look. Beware of dark models, which will have more tendencies to fade over time. Conversely, the pastel colors are pleasant without being flashy.

Feel free to dare prints and patterns for your swimwear

Some brands do a real creative research work to develop original prints. By choosing your swimsuit, feel free to dare what you might not assume every day, it’s the holidays! So prefer cheerful colors and trendy patterns such as sailor prints, floral or tropical patterns. The patterned swimsuit is more fanciful and visible. It is often linked to the holidays and the sea. But if you are rather a follower of the dark or neutral colors don’t hesitate to choose the detail that will make the difference. Once again you will have the choice: a logo, a closure, a color stripe, contrasting trim, a yoke, so many possibilities that are available to you.




Men Swimwear with push-up system

The push up swimsuit is for all men who are looking for the perfect swimwear that will highlight their shapes while remaining comfortable and elegant. Men who like to take care of themselves and their appearance. It is a product that is intended more for men looking for increase their frontal volume but also for those who would like to sublimate it discreetly.

Push-up men swimwear with foams

Some brands offer swimwear ranges equipped by push-up technologies with added foam. Addicted and ES Collection are best known with their Pack Up technology. It’s a system that enhances and elevates masculine attributes with a thin, removable polyester foam at the front of the swimsuit to maximize front volume. The foam gives a true push-up effect to your swimwear and ensures an optimal comfort by marrying perfectly your anatomy. Resistant to water, it was entirely designed to be worn under a swimsuit for better and perfect shapes. All swimsuits that mention the pack-up technology are equipped with them, you just have to choose how to wear them.

Know that there is also Alexander Cobb Lift removable foam to enhance your masculinity with a push up effect. It is based on the same principle as pack up technology.

Push-up men swimwear without foams

If you don’t want to wear push-up underwear with padding, there are swimsuits that increase head volume naturally without adding foam. Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked technology will give you the impression of not wearing a swimwear. The front pouch naturally supports the genitals, without compressing them. The fabric made from bamboo fiber gives it comfort and incomparable softness.




Details which make the difference

Choose the good fabrics for your men swimwear

In general, you will find two materials for swimsuits: polyester and polyamide. The polyamide is resistant to friction, easy to maintain, quick-drying but above all polyamide easily evacuates the water while remaining very soft. Polyester will have the same characteristics but with slightly less comfort and more rigidity and robustness.

It’s two materials are often mixed with spandex, also call elastane to provide more flexibility, elasticity and comfort. These are the three most suitable and water resistant fibers, quick-drying and bringing you maximum comfort. You can refer to a fabric guide for more details.

Lining or inner brief for your swimsuit: a criteria not to be avoid for a optimal comfort

The lining of your swimwear is often a very important criteria. Nothing is worse to be on the beach and have a transparent swim brief. To avoid this situation, it’s important to choose a lining that will bring your swimsuit more opacity but also more comfort. Your swimwear may be entirely lined or only lined on the front pouch. Depending on the color and the thickness of your fabric, choose what is the better. For the light colors, prefer a fully lined swimwear.

The inner briefs are associated with the swim shorts. These are usually inner mesh or microfiber briefs, sewn inside the short for more comfort and support, especially for those who do not like to wear anything under their shorts. You will not be able to miss the U-Shape technology from ES Collection which consists to an inner brief with a shaped pouch. Made from breathable, lightweight and quick-drying mesh, it will be ideal to wear all day long.


Be aware to the finishing for your men underwear

Other features can also help you to decide your perfect swimwear for men. For example, if you want to wear a swim short or a broadshort, it’s essential to check the presence of eyelet, especially if there are pockets. This will prevent your swimsuit from containing too much water, dry quickly and bring more comfort. It’s also useful to check if the pockets are equipped with velcro closure or zipper for your keys.

Finally, for the swim briefs, the swim boxers or the swim shorts, you can also be vigilant to the elastic waistband and most of all to the presence of a drawstring. You are sure to have a better genital support and the guarentee of not loosing your swimwear in the sea.


Addicted Swimderwear revolution

How many times have you found yourself at the seaside to want to take a dip or two but without having a swimsuit?  Available in brief, or shorty, the swimderwear is just perfect for wearing under shorts in town or at the gym but also as a swimsuit on the beach. Entirely made from ultra soft and comfortable microfiber, this model is particularly comfortable to wear. It also contains 20% elastane, which makes it particularly expandable. Thanks to a quick-drying microfiber and an innovative design, it ensures maximum comfort under pants as in water. Side cut, the rather classic brief and the shorty are both low waist and highlight all morphologies. Know that there is even a push up version without adding foam.






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