SKU launch its first push-up jeans with removable foam padding for men

Jeans are undoubtedly the must-have of our dressing room. Timeless, it can be worn easily on all occasions. Casual with a jacket or sweatshirt, in the office with a shirt, or in the evening for a chic and casual look, it’s up to you. However, it’s not always easy to find the cut that looks really good on you.


Push-up jeans : what is it ?

Shapewear clothes and underwear are appearred in the men’s wardrobe. Now it’s the turn to the jeans to adopt a push-up system. There are many models for women but not much for men. Push up jeans is actually a pant blending well-placed seams and pockets with a fitted and adjusted cut. For men or women, the goal is always the same : bring shape ameliorations. SKU have decided to enjoy this trend and adapt the removable padding for underwear to a jeans. The brand launch the first the Original Super Push Up jeans with removable foam padding.

A jeans for who ?

The push up jean is for all men who are looking for the perfect pant that will highlight shapes while remaining comfortable. Men who like to take care of themselves and their appearance. Of course, it’s a product that aim men with flat and falling butts and less to those who are lucky to have well bouncing buttocks.


Original Super Push Up SKU Jeans

After launching its first underwear lines: First and Atoll, SKU decided to create the first push-up jeans for men with removable foam paddings integrated in the back lining of the jeans. A piece with a sexy  design and cut. It adapts perfectly to the curves of the body to sublimate them. Adjusted, it remains very comfortable. The seams, finely placed, can go up your buttocks, while the foam will redefine them and bring volume. Concerning the materials, elastane will bring comfort and flexibility thanks to a perfect elasticity.

SKU Removable Foam Padding

The jean is sold with a pair of removable foam padding to discreetly add a few inches to your buttocks and redefine them. Although they have been specially designed for SKU jeans, they can fit into your underwear. They are not waterproof and absolutely not suitable for swimsuits. The lining of the jeans is designed to contain 3 pairs of foams and maximize the round buttocks effect. These can be sold separately if necessary. Ultra comfortable, you will feel like sitting on a real cushion. They are only one size with a thickness of 15mm each.



You can now, just like women, have THE jeans that will highlight all your assets. Don’t hesitate any more and adopt it on inderwear.

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