Rounderbum : discover the latest 2019 underwear trends

Rounderbum is one of the fist pioneering brands in the shapewear trend. Over the years, it has made its mark on the market by revolutionizing the image of men’s underwears and how they are perceived by the general public. Rounderbum offers an avant-gardist vision that goes beyond traditional men’s underwear and shakes up codes with padded boxers, jockstraps and thongs as well as compression t-shirts or tank tops. Products whose purpose is to support masculine attributes by harmonizing and amplifying body shapes. With a wide selection of trendy, stylish and modern products, Rounderbum has progressively increased its leadership in shapewear. We have prepared a recap on the essential Rounderbum technologies and its latest underwear collections.

Back to the latest Rounderbum shapewear technologies

Anatomic Tech

Anatomic technology redraws and perfectly highlights your shapes. Its Free Fall front pouch provides support and comfort, while its curved cut and angular waistband accentuate the curves of the body. Your buttocks is instantly more rounded.


Low-rise boxer made from super soft microfiber in vivid color. Anatomic Tech for superior comfort and body redefining. Free fall pouch to feel like in a glove. V-shaped waistband and curved back design to enhance your buttocks and make them look rounder and more muscular. Rounderbum elastic waistband.



Padded Tech

Padded technology offers more volume and definition to your parts or your buttocks, thanks to removable padding. Practical, discreet and comfortable, it is totally invisible under your clothes. Foams can easily be removed if desired. An innovation that adapts to all body types and can be used as everyday underwear, for extreme sports or to stay at home.



Cotton boxer featuring Padded Tech for a round bum effect. Foam pads add extra inches to your backside. Removable paddings enhancing your buttocks with a great natural shape. Techpulse limited edition in vibrant color. Lined front pouch. Rounderbum elastic waistband.

Lift Tech

Lift technology structures and enhances your figure, especially your buttocks, thanks to hidden bands. It is an ingenious technique that doesn’t require the addition of any foam. These models are perfect for men who want to naturally redraw their silhouette, without padding.


Low-rise cotton boxer featuring LIFT Tech for a perfect bump up effect. Hidden band design lifts your butt without any padding. Lined front pouch. Rounderbum elastic waistband.


Package Tech

Thanks to the dual action of the “Enhancer package” front pouch and a removable foam, the package technology allows your attributes are both raised and projected forward for a guaranteed push-up effect. You gain in volume and comfort.



Low-rise cotton brief featuring Package Tech for a great push up effect. Double function pouch that not only lifts up but also pushes out your masculinity thanks to package enhancer and removable padding. Techpulse limited edition in vibrant color. Rounderbum elastic waistband.


Shapewear Tops

The Rounderbum shapewear tank tops and t-shirts structure the top of your figure. Thanks to a strong compression on the waist and pectorals, they bring support and muscular definition, while refining the belly. Your pecs and torso will be sculpted and redesigned instantly. Totally invisible, they guarantee ultimate comfort and a second skin effect.


Compression tank with seamless construction to provide comfortable support, slim waist and increase muscle definition. Crossed physiotherapy design puts shoulders in place and straightens the back. Made from Sorbtek and Lycra to guarantee comfort, freshness and long-lasting durability.



The latest Rounderbum news and collections 

Pride Collection

Last year, Rounderbum had already launched a Pride line. For this season, the brand completes its collection and comes back with new rainbow models. It presents a wide selection of briefs, boxers and jockstraps. Simple and elegant, cuts are fitted and ultra comfortable. Pride underwear are also equipped with one of the technologies seen previously: Padded, Anatomic or Lift technology. Each piece is ideal for men who dream of more generous and drawn curves! Pride products are made from soft and absorbent cotton with a lined front pouch and Rounderbum rainbow-colored elastic waistband. With ultra-thin seams, the briefs, boxers and jockstraps are discreet and don’t show through the clothes. This summer, shine with the Pride Collection !!




Dare Collection

Designed for those who dare to be bold, pride and confident, the Dare Collection is the latest line that complete the brand’s catalog. Available in boxer, empty bottom and brief jock, the collection showcases electric colors such as pink, apple green, blue and purple. In plain color or bi-colored, each model is equipped with a shapewear technology. It’s up to you to choose between a well-rounded buttocks with Lift technology and Padded technology, or a redifined silhouette and front volume with Anatomic technology. Dare products are exclusively designed with soft and light microfiber for an extremely pleasant feeling in contact with the skin.




Techpulse Collection

What makes the Techpulse collection unique is undoubtedly the originality of the elastic waistband with its graphic and geometric pattern, declines on each piece of the collection. From brief jock, to boxer through the jock and the empty bottom, the cuts are numerous, as are the materials. Indeed, for this collection, Rounderbum chose the softness of the cotton for some of its models, and the mesh for others. It is up to you to make your choice. Concerning the colors, we are still on very bright and electric shades with lots of orange, yellow, blue and black. Finally, as in all the collections of the brand, you will have the choice between the different technologies proposed by the house.



Rounderbum is an innovative brand with an unique desire : create underwear that allow each man to feel better and more confident. It creates innovative lines for men who want to improve their figure.

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