How to do the sales: the guide for men

Sales arrive and resist to the temptation to buy everything is not going to be easy. To help you to know what you have to do, we have prepared a short guide to refocus your priorities, realize what are your real needs but also to determine your favorites. The perfect opportunity to know about the cuts and the new trends.

Be preparde to do the sales

Take an inventory of your dressing room

Above all, do a quick introspection of your wardrobe to determine what are your real needs, what you wear and what you no longer wear. You will know what clothes you have or you havn’t to buy. If you have 10 jeans and 2 t-shirts, you know clearly what type of clothing you need. To reassure you, make a list of your desires and determine what is the priority: underwear? T-shirts and tank tops? Or the pants and the shorts? So you will avoid the classic trap during the sales and don’t buy this famous piece that you already have.

This step is really essential for successful summer and winter sales. In fact, it allows you  to become aware of the clothes that are already in your closet and those which have to leave. Don’t hesitate to make a small selection. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear. Don’t feel guilty, everybody have clothes that they no longer wear because they are no longer fashion, or because your famous pants is too small or your top that should only be worn at home. The inventory of your dressing room is the key, but it must be well done so classify and list!

Determine what you really need for sales

Before making the sales, it is important to identify your needs and desires. Which styles do you prefer? What styles would you like ? Classic or timeless are undoubtedly the models not to neglect because they always end up missing us. It’s difficult to make a mistake when you buy a new jean, a white basic t-shirt or new underwear. Basics are timeless and easy to wear in any season. That’s why they deserved all your attention. It’s often the case when you opt for colorful and timeless pieces, easy to match with other clothes like black and white. Classify timeless models you need and those you want to renew in accordance with the list you done.

About the style, you have to identify the trends of the moment and which one suits you. So you can take advantage of sales to buy clothes at low prices. Even if you wear them only one or twice,  it will be easier to say goodbye when they were out of fashion if they are affordable. You will be able to follow all the trends while controlling your budget thanks to a smart shopping. The Sales are ideal for the basics, but there are also perfect to dare et buy original pieces for a spicy look.

Track your favorite items in advance

Feel free to consult internet to have an idea of ​​what is available, and what you want. It doesn’t cost anything but you will detect more easily the signs that please you and the most interesting products. You can make a first selection with your crushes and then compare items with those on your list. As it is not possible to know what will be sold, apart from items already on sale, plan a little more than necessary and hope to be positively surprised the day.

Once your selection is made, you can put in your shopping cart the items you want and wait for the day to see if they have discount. Indeed, if on most sites your items are not reserved when you put them in your cart, it will still save you a lot of time. Once the sales are launched, all you have to do is login to your account and check your cart to find out what clothes are being sold and what are the prices. You are guaranteed not to miss your favorite item because of a size problem or quantity available in stock.

By online

Why go to the store if you know exactly what you want, the brand and model, its size and measurements? If making sales in stores is not your cup of tea, do not hesitate to order online. What better way to avoid the crowds during the sales than to shop on the internet, enjoying the low prices. In addition, you have just to open a new tab to be in another e-shop, saving your time and your money. Contrary to what we think it is not more difficult to buy online. If you hesitate on your size you can for example consult our guide to choose your size.

And even if you love make shopping on direct point of sale, we advise you anyway to buy your favorite pieces on the internet as long as the product is still available and in stock. The products are quickly exhausted. In addition, returns are usually free. If it’s not right, you do not take any risk.

Don’t forget to prepare your cart on your favorite sites to be more effective the day of launching sales. The trick is to log on your customer account for items to be saved. On the other hand, an article in your cart does not mean that it is totally saved, it would not be fair for everyone. A cart will allow you to view which product have discount and what are their new prices. In fact, the coast will be automatically updated.

Dare underwear and different clothes

Last little advice!  Make you happy!!!! The sales are above all an opportunity to have fun. With discounts and various promotions, allow you clothes and underwear that are more qualitative and expensive than the rest of the year. It’s time. Let yourself be tempted by the indigo Rufskin jeans you saw on inderwear a few weeks ago. It is now affordable. But sales are also the time to get out of your comfort and try new models: shapewear for example. Same idea for underwear. We dare to wear thongs and jockstraps. It’s summer. You should take advantage. Dare new forms, materials, colors and prints.

Choose trendy underwear and clothes: cuts and materials

If some of you are still lost and indecisive concerning the choice of the cuts, the materials and the trendy styles of the moment, here is a little recap ‘!

Choose the right materials for your men’underwear and clothes

The textile fibers used for men’s underwear are divided into 3 main families: natural, artificial or synthetic fibers.

  • Plant-based natural fibers are traditionally used in the production of underwear. Cotton, bamboo or linen are part of it. Privilege them for underwear or tops for their absorbent and comfortable side.
  • Artificial fibers are made by chemical treatments from natural raw materials. They were designed initially to imitate silk, remaining less expensive at the same time. For example modal or viscose. These are ultra soft, light and comfortable materials. Ideal if you are looking for a unique comfort and feel naked skin effect.
  • Synthetic fibers are made by chemical process from synthetic materials. We find nylon, polyamide and polyester or elastane, also known as Lycra and Spandex. These are materials that give clothes elasticity, flexibility and resistance. Ideal for swimsuits, underwear and clothing more or less tight and intended for sport.

This may seem trivial, but the choice of materials is very important, especially when you buy on the internet. This allows to better visualize the product. Test them and choose the ones you prefer. Being good in these clothes is important. When your favorite material is chosen, it will be very easy to do your shopping. For additional information, you can also refer to the material guide on

The underwear, swimsuit and shapewear cuts


BOXER: Timeless, trendy and manly, the boxer provides both excellent comfort and optimum support. Very fitted, it covers the upper thighs and is particularly popular for sports activities and for all days. Available in more or less long version, it is declined in a wide variety of colors, patterns and prints.

BRIEF: Long been neglected for boxers, the brief has made its comeback with more and more sophisticated designs, patterns and colors. Tight and comfortable, the brief for man is now a sexy asset to showcase and highlight his shapes.

THONG: The string for men is the ultimate sexy underwear. Often designed for women, the men thong finds more and more its place in the shelves of men’s underwear. Many people are convinced by this bold undergarment. Discreet, it exists in different cuts like the lateral thong, the tanga or the mini thong.

JOCKSTRAP:  This is an original men’s underwear provided with a band, a holding pouch and two elastics that allow to go up the buttocks. Very practical and comfortable to play sports, it’s also a part of the sexy range men’s underwear, revealing totally naked buttocks.

EMPTY BOTTOM: Identical to a boxer or a brief, the empty bottom has the cut back, in the manner of a jockstrap, to offer a total freedom of movement.


SWIM BRIEF: The men’s swim brief is a classic swimwear collection and an essential item to have in your dressing room! Always in vogue in swimming pools (and often mandatory), its use is less common among younger people who prefer boxers. Not very covering, it is often appreciated by the dare and confident men. Low waist and very fitted, it is ultra sexy and perfect for a more complete tan. With this type of swimsuit, you assume your choices, your body and especially you highlight your musculature. It is a sexy asset to emphasize his masculinity and highlight his silhouette.

SWIM BOXER: If you are not a fan of swim briefs, you can always fall back on a swim boxer or swim shorty. Longer than the swim briefs, the swim boxers allow you to benefit from a good support for the practice of your sport or in your leisures. The cut of the shorty and the boxer is similar. The difference between the two models lies in their length: a swim boxer is longer than a swim shorty. Well adjusted, they emphasize your musculature and adjust perfectly to your body. They are practical allies that offer perfect support for your private parts for maximum comfort.

SWIM SHORT: Swim shorts have an exceptional comfort thanks to their loose cut, descending on the thighs. The swim shorts are polyvalent models that suit all body types. It’s the perfect compromise between the swim boxer and the broadshort, also called long short. It adapts to several types of leisure activities and can even be worn as city short. It is ideal for beach days. Men’s swim shorts typically have an inner drawstring on the waistband, but also a inner mesh brief in order to bring more comfort and support.

Of course this list is not exhaustive. To learn more about our swimwear models, we advise you to take a look at our guide to choose your men swimsuit.


PUSH UP : The first goal of a push up underwear is to highlight and increase the volume of your silhouette. It is declined in thong, boxers, briefs or jockstraps. The models are designed with very successful technologies for effects that will surprise you for sure! For example, we find the Show-It or Almost Naked tech from Andrew Christian. Know that push-up doesn’t means adding foams. Some models don’t have one, others contain removable ones. It’s up to you.

ROUND BUTTOCKS : For guaranteed round buttocks, a gain and booster effect is possible thanks to a system of elastics. This is the case for Flashlift models from Andrew Christian or Lift models from Rounderbum. You can also opt for totally invisible and removable foams, or not. The Rounderbum Padded models will naturally enhance your buttocks.

COMPRESSION TOPS : There are remodeling models to reduce the handles of love for the torso. The compression tank tops and t-shirts structure the top of your figure. Thanks to a strong compression on the waist and pectorals, they bring support and muscular definition, while refining the belly. Your pecs and torso will be sculpted and redesigned instantly. Totally invisible, they guarantee ultimate comfort and a second skin effect.

Selection of the must-have and timeless underwear and swimwear models

Underwear Selection





Swimwear Selection





Jean, Short, Top Selection





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