Best way to choose your thermal underwear

Thermal underwear became an essential and an unsuspected asset of our dressing room. They are numerous to seduce you, that’s why it’s imperative to know how to choose them. In order to guarantee you more comfort and support, underwear brands invest in new innovative materials adapted to all the needs. Innovations that make appear technical underwear on our wardrobes. Discreet and comfortable to wear, they offer freedom of movement, perfect for all your activities. But, what is a thermal underwear?

Thermal underwear: what is it?

Technical Underwear

Thermal underwear are above all a fabric innovation. In fact, thermal fabrics are perfect to retain the heat and prevent sweat. The aim is to make your skin breathe by keeping it dry and avoid the cold feelings. The materials bring you more warmth while regulating body temperature. Thermal underwear allows to evacuate moisture, perspiration and improve the breathability of the garment. The elastic fibers permit to adjust the clothe for more comfort and freedom of movement. We get rid of the superfluous in order to make lighter and comfortable clothes which regulate our body heat.

A mesh adapted to your needs

Thermal underwear also include multi-function clothes that combine several characteristics and so can be used in several circumstances. For example, we can find compression garments. They are especially designed to compress and reduce the belly and the chest, while allowing great freedom of movement. Whether for a V-shaped torso effect or flat stomach, you can highlight your silhouette. These high-tech underwear allow you to combine heat and support. Ideal for practicing a sporting activity, this new type of underwear is able to evacuate the sweat while supporting the body during the effort. Compression underwear is therefore essential for any real sportsman.

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How to choose thermal underwear?

Thermal undergarment ensure a good evacuation of sweat and provide a fast drying allowing your body to regulate its temperature. Therefore, it is nessary that your underwear be in touch with your skin for more thermal efficiency. They are designed to be discreet and worn directly to the skin because it’s the first layer. Adjusted and close-fitting, it can evacuate your sweat while containing heat near your body. Be sure to check the elasticity of the product for maximum comfort. If you want to combine the thermal underwear with a compression garment but you still hesitate, nothing better than to consult our last shapewear guide to highlight its silhouette.

Différent cuts

Thermal underwear are characterized by ergonomic cuts and offer several ranges of boxers, briefs, bermudas, leggings, long john, but also shorts or socks. As for the tops, you will mostly find t-shirts and tank tops. The seams are strategically placed to avoid irritation and potential frictions. Every need has been analyzed to offer you the ideal garment according to your expectations.

To find the thermal undergarment that suits you, you have to know if you are looking for an effect on your upper body or on your lower body. Long-sleeved t-shirts give you a maximum effect because they recover the biggest surface for a better efficiency. You can wear them daily under your sweater, under your shirt, or use them to go running. If you have more sensitive legs, you will find leggings or long john that respond to the same needs. You can wear them under jeans or directly to play sports. On the other hand, if you want a more intermediate garment, you can orient yourself towards tank tops and shorts which will bring you a measured warmth. Why not combined them with a shapewear effect?

A large choice of fabrics

Regarding the fabrics, cotton is not ideal to help you keep the heat of your body. Non-absorbent, sweat marks will appear as the wet effect wet. That’s why, you essentially have the choice between a natural fiber (wool for example) and synthetic fibers, more insulating. The wool has serious advantages such as heat, lightness and comfort. Although very qualitative, resistant and comfortable, it remains more difficult to dry than microfiber and more expensive. Synthetic fibers such as polyamide, polyester or elastane are much fast-drying and resistant to wear and frictions.

Depending on your use

Once you have choose which cut and which materials you prefer, you will only have to make a final choice : determine what is your lifestyle and what are your types of activity to make your choice. Some thermal leggings, with or without compression properties, are more designed to be worn under your clothes and will not fit if you want to wear them alone. It’s the case of some sports leggings. If you want to use them as a subfloor for maximum effect, choose a simple design that you can find with sports leggings which favor comfort and mobility. On the contrary, it also exists more aesthetic leggings, ideal to be worn alone for a fashionable style.

To summarize, with their skin-tight cut, thermal underwear are really the new assets of your wardrobe. They provide you a second skin while bringing comfort, support and warmth. Perfect for your ski holidays or your sports trainings, they are already waiting for you on

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