How to preserve the colors and the brightness of your white underwear?

Sooner or later, there comes a time when we realize that our favorite white t-shirt starts to fade, to turn gray, yellow. Just like black and white clothes, colored garments require special care so as not to lose their luster or destroy your other clothes. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to keep them alive and they don’t ever last long. So that you can make the most of your favorite outfits, here is a maintenance guide for your clothes and underwear that will probably help you.


5 tips to preserve your colored garments

TIP 1 = Read the label

This may seem obvious, but it is essential to read the label of your clothing or underwear before putting it in the washing machine. All the informations are usually indicated. So you can’t go wrong. You will find informations concerning the washing temperature not to be exceeded, the method of washing, by hand, pressing, etc. Avoid cutting the label to remember these essential instructions!

TIP 2 = Separate colors, white and black

White underwear tends to gray and black underwear to whiten or fade. The same goes for your ready-to-wear. To avoid this, wash them only with pieces of the same shade. Wipes designed to prevent disgorging are very practical. Don’t hesitate to use it. You can even separate bright colors from pale colors for an even better result. For colored clothes, do not hesitate to wash them separately during the first wash or let them disgorge with salt. This will prevent them from rubbing on your other clothes or underwear.

TIP 3 = Wash cold especially if the fabrics are delicate

Hot water will remove more stains but it attacks the fibers more easily and makes them bleed. Pay attention to fragile fabrics and read the labels well. Some say that it is possible to wash the garment on the machine, but others strongly advise against !! If the materials are too delicate, prefer washing by hand. As for lingerie made from lace. Wash at low temperature is imperative because a too high temperature harms the intensity and brightness of the colors, but also its elasticity.

TIP 4 = Wash your clothes upside down, especially if they have prints

Washing upside down will help to reduce frictions on the visible part of your clothes and preserve prints and patterns. On jeans, it also keeps the colors and prevent them from fading, especially on dark pants.

TIP 5 = Avoid the tumble dryer and prefer natural drying

For drying, say goodbye to the electric clothes dryer which damages the fabrics considerably! The heat will freeze the stains in depth. Also, dry your clothes upside down on a clothes rack. For underwear, dry them flat, do not twist them in all directions to drain them and avoid clothespins that damage and leave marks. Do not let them dry on the radiators to keep the shapes and colors.

Special cases

Jeans and pants: washing them back, in a delicate cycle allows you to not lose the colors and to prevent them from marking and being damaged. The dryer is again avoided here and flat drying is preferred. Being careful to fasten them by the legs.

Meshes: The meshes are very fragile fabrics that can quickly be deteriorate. For a cotton sweater, use a 30 degree wash in delicate mode. On the other hand, for wool, use a delicate cycle but do not exceed 20 degrees. The best is of course to wash the mesh by hand in warm water. For drying, never tumble dry but still a flat drying. Both wool and silk are weak and therefore require the utmost care.

Underwear: The most effective and safest solution to increase the life of your underwear is of course the hand wash especially if it is lace. It takes time, but it’s worth it! For more classic underwear made from cotton or microfiber, place them in pockets, nets or pillowcases for a delicate wash. Prefer low temperature cycles without ever exceeding 30 ° C, and use a mild detergent.

Swimsuits: Between salt, chlorine and sand, your swimsuits see all the colors !! It is therefore essential to take good care if you want them out next year. Rinse them with fresh, warm water after each use to get rid of the biggest: sand, salt and chlorine. Soak, a few minutes are enough. Wash them preferably by hand with soap without rubbing so as not to damage the fibers. Then wash your shirts in the washing machine, making sure to return them, especially if they have printed materials. This will preserve the intensity of colors and patterns.


Tips for preserving white clothing

After all of this advice, you know how to take care of your colored or printed clothes and underwear. Now, we offer you some tips to preserve the white of your clothes and below.


TIP 1 = Separate white from colors

Wash your white clothes and underwear separately from others. Also, avoid putting your socks, even if they are white, with the rest of your white clothes. To preserve the whiteness of garments and underwear, it is better to run several different machines by sorting the laundry correctly. Your socks are usually carrying the biggest stains and encrusted dirt. Do not wash them with your microfiber white tank tops, for example. They might go gray faster.

TIP 2 = Separate your white clothes by material

A cotton t-shirt and a wool sweater do not wash at the same temperature. You risk damaging your sweater which requires a more delicate washing, or a cold wash. You must not only sort the colors but also be careful with the materials. Cottons and microfiber can wash together, separately from the meshes that require special attention.

TIP 3 = Avoid the tumble dryer and dry your clothes and underwear naturally

If it’s possible, let the white clothes dry in the air instead of putting them in the dryer. Indeed, the sun is an excellent launderer!  Your whites will last longer, because the extreme heat in the dryer will cause breakage in the fabric fibers more quickly. You will then be required to replace your white clothes more often. So this summer, we take advantage of our garden and we take advantage of the sun to whitewash his clothes!

TIP 4 = Use natural whitening agents

Although many whiteners are available in supermarkets, did you know that there are also many natural whiteners. Lemon or white vinegar are very good examples. Their acidity will help to disinfect and eliminate stains while getting rid of unpleasant odors. You can also use vinegar during vacuum washing to descale your machine.

To remove stains, you can prepare a paste with bicarbonate of soda and warm water, or even hydrogen peroxide to apply directly to the task with a toothbrush or a clothes brush. Contrary to popular belief, only use bleach as a last resort. It remains very aggressive just like chlorine. You can also bet on milk, ideal for removing stains from your white clothes or underwear. Added to Marseille soap, it is an excellent whitener.

Finally, to give the white its original color, use chalk! But not just any color! Blue chalk. It gives the impression of strengthening the white. Indeed the white will absorb the ultraviolet and rebroadcast a blue light. It’s scientific. Blue enhances white. Simply place a few pieces of chalk in the compartment of your machine and you will find the original white of your clothes.

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